What the heck is TTH Games?

Hi, my name is Philip, and I design card and board games.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.. wait no that is another story entirely. Something about wars, and a trek across the stars or something.. but I digress.

In a small town in Texas, called Abilene, a still hip 20 something got married and had kids. He also had a fascination with card games, board games, collectible games, and pretty much everything in between. He played too much online with his other friends in all types of ‘video games’ or whatever you kids call it these days, and realized ‘Holy $*@! there are other people like me out there that like to make games too.’ So he got serious, and started putting words to paper, and slowly but surely his first game ideas started coming together.

These first games were modifications of popular games that people already loved (..but I don’t wanna name them here.. cause I bet I could get in trouble being all trademarky and such -_-), but that didn’t keep him or his friends happy that long. So I started by biting off more than I could ever chew by creating a game that I am still toying around with over a year later called D.O.M. The project was obviously too big for a first timer with no real budget, no idea of where to go, and obviously some real problems with my first concepts but I learned a ton of how to get started, make steps, and work towards a goal.

So, at this point in our story, the hero… who was totally not drunk I promise… created a new concept for a card game that he really fell in love with practically overnight. He shared the concept with some friends, and since then has been really perfecting and hoping to prototype it. The hero decided he had to get serious or else he would just keep sitting on his ideas. So he decided to buy a domain, make a business, and totally start being legit about the whole thing! Welcome to that dream of his… mine..

OK. So, now that I wrote some silly things going back to the beginning; Hi, I’m Philip, and I really love games. I also really love making new games to play. Since I was a kid, and even in my current job where I work in IT/ Hardware creation, I enjoyed designing things. This is a passion that I have had for a long time. I feel a bit scattered in my thoughts usually, but that is just kinda part of who I am. I decided it was silly to not only do this properly, but to give it my all I had to really get serious about my craft. I decided this website would be part development blog, and to keep people up to date with mine, and as it grows, the company’s public face. It even will have places people can talk at some point (remember message boards…?), will have previews of new work being done on the games as they are designed, and on top of it all it will give me a place to show you the process if you ever cared about doing it yourself. I have gotten to know several different groups over the years in the business. From reviewers, creators, artists, and just players I have seen a ton of change over the years. I hope to bring such change and delight with what I am working on as well.

Thanks for showing up, and please stick around and see more.


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